Built in Chicago. CRRC Sifang believes Chicago’s new railcars should be built locally. That’s why we’re moving in.

As part of its proposal to the CTA, CRRC Sifang committed to assemble the railcars in Chicago and engage in innovative workforce development partnerships to help train residents to hold jobs at the plant. The majority of the new jobs created by CRRC at this facility will be union, high-skilled, sheet metal and electrical workers. Our partnership with the Chicago Transit Authority is an opportunity to strengthen Chicago neighborhoods and local companies through direct investment in job creation and workforce development – all while delivering first-class transit to the city’s residents and visitors.

$100 Million Investment

With a $100 million investment in the construction of a new plant in Hegewisch, CRRC Sifang will return railcar assembly to Chicago’s south side.

Located at 13535 South Torrence Avenue, the new facility will encompass a total area of approximately 45 acres and transform an underutilized property into a thriving hub, creating jobs and driving ancillary development in the community.

This facility will be a functioning assembly operation for years to come.

New Jobs

CRRC Sifang will hire and train local residents for more than 160 good-paying, head-of-household jobs.

CRRC Sifang has established partnerships with community organizations to develop and conduct workforce development training programs for local residents. This includes developing apprenticeships and training programs for frontline workers in Chicago’s rail assembly industry.

CRRC Sifang’s community partners include City Colleges of Chicago, the Calumet Area Industrial Commission, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 134, and Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Local 73.

Interested in learning about job opportunities with CRRC Sifang America? Click here to learn about job training and employment opportunities with CRRC Sifang America.


Next Stop Chicago will have a ripple effect across Chicago’s industrial community.

In addition to directly creating more than 160 good-paying jobs, CRRC Sifang has identified and plans to engage local minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises to support the assembly of the new railcars. These businesses will hire their own workforces and strengthen Chicago neighborhoods.

CRRC Sifang is committed to working in partnership with community organizations and local officials to ensure DBE and local vendor/supplier participation exceeds requirements and help build capacity for local companies. Click here to learn about vendor/supplier opportunities with CRRC Sifang America.

“Having a world-class public transportation system is essential for any world-class city. This is not just an investment in our rail system, but in our neighborhoods. By strengthening our transportation we will continue Chicago’s economic growth and increase the quality of life for all residents.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel