Built for Chicago. CRRC Sifang is proud to build the next generation of railcars for Chicago’s millions of riders.

As the second largest public transportation system in the United States, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) provides 1.6 million rides daily to commuters in more than 70 Chicago neighborhoods and 35 surrounding suburbs.

In 2016, CRRC Sifang was awarded a contract, for up to $1.3 billion, by the CTA to supply more than 840 new 7000 Series railcars, which will replace approximately half of the agency’s current fleet. CRRC Sifang is expected to produce the 7000 Series cars for CTA over a 10-year period – with delivery of the first railcars in 2020.

Chicago’s 7000 Series Railcars

Reliable, passenger-friendly and responsive transit services are critical to maintaining the CTA’s position as a national and international leader in transit innovation.

CRRC Sifang incorporated CTA rider feedback in the design of its new railcars. The new 7000 Series railcars will feature a sleek, modern design, comfortable and accessible seating – less than half the seats will face the aisles – and the most up-to-date technologies, creating a smoother and more efficient ride.

The new railcars will save the CTA approximately $7 million annually in maintenance costs alone.

“Transit is about more than just getting from Point A to Point B…It’s about economic development. It’s about Chicago’s position as a world-class city.”

Dorval R. Carter, Jr., CTA President

CTA at a Glance

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